5 Beauty Concerns of Every Woman

Women all over the world have skin problems and are often affected by them in a number of ways. They may experience lowered self esteem and confidence because of these issues. Depending on the severity of the problems, these ladies may avoid contact with other people.

There are generally five most common beauty concerns that each woman may have to face. Such issues include acne, stretch marks, scars, unwanted hair, and cellulite. While each of these conditions may have a large impact on a person’s life, with a little education and the right remedy, the issues with the skin and esteem can be solved.


Acne has a variety of causes. In some cases, it is brought on by bacteria, stress, and a reaction to certain foods. This skin condition is often characterized by white or red bumps on the skin. The inflicted areas may be sore or itchy and inflamed.

Because there are various causes of such skin problems, there are also many potential solutions. Some of these are chemical and are readily found at the drug store. Such products often have the active ingredient known as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. There are also natural treatments available.

Apple cider vinegar is one alternative. This liquid should be diluted with 2 parts water and one part apple cider vinegar. It can then be applied to the problem areas with a cotton ball.

Honey is great for acne and for moisturizing but it has to be raw unpasteurized. This produce has enzymes that heal the skin as well as anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It can be applied to the surface of the skin, and not just the face.

Aloe vera is well known for its healing properties. It has moisturizing and anti-viral properties. Its soothing properties make it wonderful for sensitive skin. The unfiltered gel from the leaf can be applied right to the skin without being rinsed off later.

For individuals who have acne as a reaction to food, they may need to consult a doctor to find the exact allergy. Pimples can arise due to various types of allergies including those related to dairy, gluten and wheat.

Stretch Marks

This particular skin problem may be caused by a number of things. Pregnancy is one common as is weight loss or weight gain. The condition often appears to be similar to a scar except perhaps with the look of stretched skin. The severity of these skin problems may range widely and the solutions are often just as varied. There are two main ingredients that usually offer the best results.

  • Vitamin A is a potent healer for stretch marks. It heals the skin and boosts the collagen production in the body. When extra collagen is produced, the skin gains back its elasticity.
  • Vitamin C has a similar effect to Vitamin A. It too boosts collagen production and heals the skin.

Although it is possible to buy products with these ingredients right off the shelf, often a prescription is needed to obtain stronger remedies. Individuals who want faster results may want to pick up the best stretch mark removal cream of 2016 or may choose to have micro-derma abrasion instead. This is a treatment that can be also completed at home.


Many women have issues with scars, whether from injuries, weight loss, or otherwise. These conditions are often seen as discolored parts of the skin. They have lost their flexibility that the surface of the body normally has.

Solutions for such skin problems generally depend on the severity of the scar and the tone of the skin. Some common remedies include the use of lemon juice. This particular substance is able to lighten the skin. The alpha hydroxy in the lemon juice rejuvenates the area and eventually removes the scar tissue.

There are other natural remedies to eliminate scars that work and heal the skin. The following are just a two of the options.

  • Coconut oil is wonderful for the skin. It has moisturizing properties and those that help heal the skin. It is full of enzymes and anti-oxidants. This oil is one of the fastest healers and not just for scars but for cuts and other types of wounds.
  • Tea tree oil may be known more for its anti-bacterial properties but it has a lot of strength for removing scars. The oil should be diluted as the full potency of the oil may cause skin irritation.

There are laser options for scar removal. These are more costly than the other alternatives mentioned but can be helpful for stubborn areas.

Unwanted Hair

Unwanted hair may be caused by genetics, hormones or other things, and can be frustrating to deal with. There are some simple treatments for this problem, whether the hair is on the face, back, stomach or in other locations.

  • Waxing or sugaring are two potential answers that a person can use. There are waxing and sugaring strips available in various forms, making them easier to use.
  • Tweezing may be helpful in some scenarios. This method may be used for unwanted lip, brow or other facial hair. It takes a bit of time but is very practical for small areas.
  • Laser treatment is widely available and is normally suitable for a variety of areas on the body. There are professional services offered but a person can use the home kit if they prefer.

It is recommended that a person takes into account their budget when they are looking through these choices. Laser treatment can be expensive and may require numerous sessions to be successful.


Cellulite is a layer of fat cells that appear on the surface of the skin. Many women deal with the condition every day. It normally appears as dimply or bumpy areas of skin. It may be caused by lack of blood circulation, being overweight, or the presence of toxins in the body. The issue can be difficult to get rid of without the right treatment but there are numerous solutions to choose from.

  • Exercise is one of the best things a person can do to get rid of the fat cells. Stretches that tone the affected areas can help as well as regular activity like walking.
  • Cellulite creams with active ingredients such as caffeine, menthol and green tea are recommended. The menthol gives a soothing effect while the caffeine helps to work away the fat cells.
  • Green tea has anti-oxidants that eliminate the toxins that may be present.
  • Topical ointments or creams with ginseng are becoming more popular for these skin issues. This substance boosts the elasticity in the skin and can make the affected areas tighter.

Cellulite can be prevented. Exercise is perhaps the most important thing a person can do. Eating properly is another component. With such conditions as this one, usually prevention is advised rather than trying to treat it afterwards.

Choosing Natural Solutions to Skin Problems

There are many remedies available for these five common skin conditions. While many chemical options can be chosen, natural remedies often have fewer side effects. They may be readily available at the grocery, drug or natural health store.